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Want to learn how to edit your own WordPress website?

Now you can with WordPress training, Uckfield


Wordpress training Uckfield


My own websites – www.premiumcvs.co.uk and www.sjemarketing.co.uk – are both WordPress (WP) websites. I chose this platform because they look professional, they give me business, and just as importantly, I can edit and manage them myself. So I know that WordPress works very well and gives the flexibility that you will no doubt need. So I can understand if, like me, you want to learn how to manage your own websites. With WordPress you can do just that.

Online Tutorials

I have found lots of online courses and Youtube videos, however they are often not easy to follow. So, that’s why I’m here to help you, by offering WordPress training to you, on a one-to-one basis, because through experience I know it’s by far the best way to learn. Group training sessions are quite common, however one-to-one training is much more effective, because it’s tailored to you and your business. Therefore you learn a lot more, often in a shorter timescale.  

What will you learn?

WordPress is completely flexible, and you can do just about anything you need.

Subjects include ‘how to:

  • Create new pages and get them to show up on the menu.
  • Edit and format previously created pages.
  • Add and edit images and place them on the page where you want them to go.
  • Change font size and add headings of different sizes.
  • Find good plugins to add extra functionality.
  • Make your pages and blog posts search engine friendly.
  • Change the order of your main and drop-down menus.
  • Add a blog and encourage readers to read it!
  • Add different users.

I could go on……! If your ‘how to’ isn’t listed above just contact me.


I conduct my training courses in my office in Uckfield, East Sussex, or if you are local I will come to your home or office (travel expenses apply). 

Let’s get started:

call Sue on 01825 761890 or

email sue@sjemarketing.co.uk



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