Social media management Uckfield


Social Media Management Uckfield

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth investing in Facebook as part of your marketing strategy, absolutely! However, you need to make your posts engaging, consistent and schedule them. All these factors are vital to effective social media.

Time to do something about it? With my help, we will extend your reach, achieve more sales and grow your business.

Benefits for your business

  • Make your business easy to find online: active Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin will make your business easily searchable online.
  • Social media works no matter what your business is and where it’s located.
  • Need to focus on Local? Absolutely!
  • Build your connections collaborate and do business.
  • Quick and easy notifications and sharing
  • Easy, instant messaging
  • Boost customer engagement: interacting with followers, and answering questions, can turn interest into paying clients. 
  • Grow your visibility: even if your followers don’t interact with you or share your updates,  their connections can see who they’re connected with.  

Please note:

Although social media will no doubt help with your marketing, it’s not a ‘quick fix’! It can take time. 

Choosing to post too little will help to keep your business name ‘out there’ but is unlikely to be very effective otherwise. Alternatively, too much posting is said to be the most common reason why people ‘unlike’ your FB page. 

Some of my clients:

Uckfield Volunteer Centre logo
Chris Dowling Business Mentor
Duke Letting & Property Management, Uckfield
Uckfield Yoga Studio

Allow me to manage your social media for you, will give you time to concentrate on other important tasks. Or, prefer to learn how?  I will teach you on a one-on-one basis, in your home or office (in or near Uckfield).

Social media requirements are different for every business. You can start with just one platform, but the most effective, and most popular are two platforms. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! I will advise you. The key to getting noticed online, is with scheduled, regular posting with engaging, creative content. My social media management service offers exactly that.   

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