Trying to craft your own CV is hard work and can take days. Even asking family and/or friends to help doesn’t usually work. You’ll probably miss out important information that would prove vital in securing an interview. 

From payment date I usually allow up to 5 working days to write a CV. It can be done within 3 working days – extra cost applies – depending on my availability. 

Sadly no! No CV writer can guarantee interviews (or jobs, no matter what they claim!). Having a great CV is vital, but you must apply for roles that are suitable for you, otherwise you will not be successful.  

When I first started out as a CV Writer, I checked to see what my competitors were charging, and every now and then I still do that. I also ask clients for feedback, and these two things tell me that what I charge is about right. The most important factors for me are value for money, personal service with consultation, and excellent customer service, ensuring everyone is happy when it comes to signing off a CV.  

When you purchase (most) goods, you pay upfront or before taking them home. CV writing is the same. Payment also indicates that you confirm that you want to go ahead with the service.  

If you have any questions that aren’t covered above, please let me know. You can always text me or use Whatsapp. If you want to send me an old CV for a quick review please email


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