Too busy to do your own marketing?

Current marketing strategy not working?

Sue Edwards, SJE Marketing

I am a very busy businessman, often on the road and at meetings with customers.  Sue does many of the tasks that I just don’t have time for. She is quick and efficient, and keeping in touch regularly means we keep on top of everything. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone in business to help with their marketing and to make their life easier.

Leading the wayHow I will help your business

Marketing is challenging and very time-consuming, but essential for your business to be profitable and grow. To be effective, your marketing must send out the right message, be consistent and ongoing, even during busy times.

Many business owners I speak to rely on referrals, or they have just one or two clients. It’s easy to be complacent! Little or no web presence will spell disaster!

If this sounds like you, and you don’t have the skills or the time to do your marketing and social media, I’m here to help you. Every business is different, and I would be happy to discuss a package that suits you, or if you prefer, you can simply hire me on an ad-hoc basis. 

Why Me?

  • Flexible, fast, efficient service, with excellent value. I work from home, so I can keep my costs down. 
  • Ad-hoc or a package to suit. No holiday or sickness pay.
  • My office/yours – outsource to me, or I will come to you (within Uckfield area) if that suits you better.
  • Personal service – always.
  • Quick to respond – I will reply to emails and phone calls within a few hours at the most. I’ve heard that some marketing agencies, particularly larger ones, often take several days to return a call or email.
  • Keep in touch – I liaise with all my clients on a regular basis. Sometimes weekly, or monthly, to suit you. This can either be just a phone call, or we can meet. 
  • Sole contact throughout – (occasionally my husband will take your call). 

                                    …….more reasons here


Want to learn how?

I offer face-to-face courses too. Either your office or mine. 

*Emails (inc filing) *Word  *Excel *Dropbox *Skype  *Wordpress websites  *SEO  *Twitter  *Facebook  *Linkedin

Don’t see what you need?  Just ask!

I am a friendly, patient tutor, with an understanding approach. Lots of tasks are easy to do ‘when you know how’, but maybe you don’t have the time to learn yourself, or perhaps lack of confidence is stopping you. Whatever the reason, I will show you how to do many tasks, easily and efficiently. You may only need help on a one-off basis, or if it’s ongoing help you require, that’s fine too. 

Please contact me for details. 

Hire me to do your marketing, and consider it done!

Get your website noticed online with effective copy and SEO

Client examples:



“I can’t believe you’ve been just down the road all this time & I didn’t know about you!”


Via Twitter: thanks to Sue for her help with copywriting for a website today Chris Dowling, Dowling Consultants
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