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The Facts

Over 575+ million users…more than 260 million monthly active users…. 40% of users access it daily. 

It’s highly likely that many of your colleagues and competitors are on Linkedin, and get business from it. So ideally it should be part of your marketing too. Even if you do have a Linkedin profile, if you don’t get business or interest from it, it needs work. Also, if your Linkedin profile isn’t optimised, it won’t be found on search engines (Linked profiles always come up high on a Google search). You’re missing out, big time! That’s where I come in.

Benefits optimising your Linkedin profile

  • Easily connect with colleagues and potential clients.
  • Potential new clients will find your business easily online. 
  • For job seekers – potential new employers will find you online and contact you direct. 
  • Gain clients and sell more to current clients.
  • Easily search and message contacts instantly (as long as you’re connected). 
  • Find jobs and keep in touch with news.

If you’re not getting many or any invitations to connect on Linkedin, your profile needs to be optimised. 

Let me help

  • I will either create a new Linkedin profile for you from scratch or
  • I will optimise your current Linkedin profile for you, so that your information is correct and punchy. Linkedin profiles updated or done from scratch.
  • If you don’t have time, skills or resources to manage your own Linkedin profile, I can do that for you too.

Let’s Get Started!