SJE Marketing

Looking for help with your office admin and/or marketing? 

Running your own business single-handed is hard work and if you don’t have all the skills required, you will find it hard, if not impossible to maintain and grow your business. If this is you let me help.

Hi, I’m Sue and I’m here to help and support your business with a wide range of tasks. My core skill is writing for business and with many years of experience to draw upon, there are many tasks I can help you with to make your business more efficient and increase your client base

Marketing will no doubt be on your priority list, and as my speciality I can help and enhance that too

Why me?

  • Hire me when you need me. Ad-hoc or long-term work welcome.
  • Fast, efficient, often same-day work carried out.
  • No office space required – I work from home.
  • Let me tackle your to do list, so you can concentrate on what you’re good at!
  • Get jobs done that are holding back your business.
If this all sounds good to you, I’d love to hear from you.



SJE Marketing