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Top 13 Business Tips – ideas you may not have thought of.

  • Carry your business cards with you everywhere, you never know who you might meet.
  • Make everything you do look professional to encourage potential clients.
  • It pays to have a professional looking website right at the start to create the right impression.
  • Do regular competitor research. This will help you to see what others are offering so you can too.
  • See what your competitors charge to help you fix your rates.
  • Be flexible in what you offer. Not every client will want the same thing.
  • Take the time to write your terms and conditions and ensure you clients agree to them before you agree to work with them. If you come across any problems during a project just refer back to the terms.
  • If appropriate charge differently for different roles or services. Some basic services may not command the same fees as more complicated ones.
  • Think of services you offer to upsell.
  • Blog as regularly as you can (ideally once a week, if not twice a month). Add a link to your blog from Linkedin to encourage more website clicks and more potential clients.
  • Network as much as you can in different areas.
  • Send a newsletter at least once a month to promote what you do and link back to articles on your website.

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