I talk to many small business owners who don’t bother spending much time on updating their website. So why have a website if it doesn’t give you business?

Maybe your main business is from referrals. You’re very lucky.

So, let’s see what we can do about your website. Let’s find out why it’s not performing well. The two main reasons are: (a) it can’t be found easily online and/or (b)  it has a very high bounce rate, meaning visitors don’t hang around to see what you offer.

8 Reasons why

  • You haven’t updated it or added new services for months.
  • You (wrongly!) assumed potential clients would find you once your website was complete, so you haven’t done any more since.
  • You assumed that your web service supplier had carried out SEO on your new website – it’s often not the case.
  • You don’t have a blog – the best way to add content.
  • The wording and look of the site does not encourage potential clients to call you.
  • You do not have a CTA (call to action) on every page.
  • You don’t make it clear right at the start what you offer.
  • You don’t make it easy to navigate.
  • You use lots of boring blocks of test without headings and images.
  • You don’t highlight testimonials.
  • You don’t explain why you are better than your competitors

6 SEO Reasons Why

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  • You haven’t added new blog posts, using new keywords.
  • You are putting too many services or products on the same page – this confuses Google.
  • You haven’t done keyword research to find the best ones to use. Use a keyword research tool.
  • Your SEO meta headings and descriptions for each page are poor (they all need to be ‘green’.
  • You don’t use your area keywords (ie: your local town name) in your SEO. Your  potential clients will probably use these in a search.

There are literally 100s of other possible reasons, some are very technical. However, it you apply the ones above, you will notice a difference in your website traffic, and hopefully even result in enquiries.

If all this baffles you and you need professional help, just ask me! Call Sue on 01825 761890.

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