The improvements to the town centre are progressing well, ahead of schedule evidently and the work that has been finished so far is looking very smart.

The works seem very organised and shopkeepers say that business in the town is good, particularly at weekends when there is free parking in all car parks. Shoppers – including me! – say that you can buy things in Uckfield that you can’t get anywhere else and we often find items that we need right on our doorstep. I’ve also heard that some shoppers come to Uckfield just for the charity shops.

To promote Uckfield during this time, Uckfield Town Council have formed a working group, ‘Uckfield – The Future’. As well as Town Councillors, the group also includes Chamber of Commerce members and local business owners. They have created a new website ‘Uckfield Is Open’ and every effort is being made to ensure that the message ‘business as usual’ is loud and clear! Huge banners have also been erected on the Uckfield bypass advertising ‘Yes, Uckfield Is Open’, so even passers by can’t miss it!


Uckfield is Open


The site has up-to-date information about the works and a link to:


Uckfield FM


and The Facebook Group, Uckfield – The Future Working Group’s Official page for positivity, community and mutual support during the roadworks. So there’s no excuse to be left in the dark!



Uckfield Is Open team


‘Uckfield Is Open’ also has links to local bus information, a roadworks timetable, Uckfield Festival, Uckfield Carnival and Uckfield Town Council.

Article written by Sue Edwards for the ‘Uckfield Is Open’ team.

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