How long have you been doing Mary Kay and why did you start?

6 yrs this past Sept (2016). I joined as my children were becoming more independent and I needed to fill a hole that was developing. I also wanted some financial independence and to work with people as my other work is all done from home, but I didn’t want to commit to set hours or any work demands. Mary Kay offered me all of this with no commitment. I also loved the products!

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What makes you different from other people offering similar products and services?

Firstly, I aim to offer a very personal service either in my local studio, at someone’s house or their choice of venue. I aim to offer a consultation rather than trying to make a sale and will tailor an appointment to suit a customers needs. I make time for each person and it’s most important to make each customer feel important, listened to and special, in a private environment rather than on the shop floor. I’m also quite different in that I offer a teaching service. I also do an “on the day” makeup service for special occasions such as parties & weddings but I love to see lady’s confidence grow as they realise with a little practise they can look & feel great whenever they want to! The skill to apply makeup well can be great for interview, driving test, special event etc to make you feel better about yourself.

Sarah Allen, Mary Kay

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What do people most like about what you offer?

Ladies and gentlemen seem surprised at how lovely the skincare and body products make their skin feel & how easy they are to use. I am also told that not only is it beneficial to be able to try products without any obligation to purchase at an appointment but also the information offered about skincare is also most informative. I’m also told that our step by step instruction, with all makeup products provided, is most useful in helping each person get to grips with how to apply makeup professionally yet easily to suit their eye colour, their eye shape and most importantly creating a look that they feel comfortable with. Make up doesn’t have to be heavy and many ladies like how even subtle colours can really help them define their features and make them feel great. I am told by many that they have never had the opportunity to learn how to apply make up and don’t know where to start so as this is my job. Many lead very busy lives and have little time for socialising, but my appointments can be informative, useful and enjoyable while being a great excuse to get some girls together.

Being my own boss means I can choose when I work so I can offer appointment times to suit my customers. This isn’t something you get on the High Street. My catch phrase is ” Look good, feel great”. I have also done a gentlemens grooming class involving skincare and basic make up. Why shouldn’t a man be able to cover up a bad nights sleep or the odd spot as we can! I even had an article about one men’s class published by gentlemens quarterly magazine a few years ago.

Are your clients in a certain age group? Do you have any male clients?

I have customers aged from 10yrs to 88yrs & yes I have male customers. Several buy our great skincare & sun protection for their own use as well as our great male fragrances. Others take advantage of the gift giving service I offer when I can help them choose gifts for loved ones & enjoy the free gift wrapping service I provide. My intention is to make the outside of the gift as special as the contents. It’s great to feel special & men love to feel they’ve got the gift right! To help me I encourage all my customers to keep their wish lists updated. I get many children wanting to buy something pretty and special for Mums too which is why I make sure I have gift suggestions from £2 available throughout the year.

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