Sue Edwards talks to Nus Ghani about her new role as MP for Wealden

Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden

Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden

What is your background, how did you get into politics and your current role as MP for Wealden?

I am a campaigner and have worked on campaigns for 2 health charities and then for the BBC, working internationally.

My interest in politics came from challenging health and care policies and then working in conflict zones and appreciating our democracy.

I interviewed for the position of Candidate for the Wealden seat and won at one of the largest open primaries to be held.

What are the main your aims for the Wealden area?

Varied, as Wealden is a diverse constituency. My aims are improving communications, from trains to broadband and mobile phone coverage. Supporting our farmers so they can compete internationally. Working with my schools so our children graduate with the skills needed for the workplace. Supporting community hospitals and tackling all issues that come with an ageing population.

Are there any particular areas that need more attention?

All of the above and much more! I have spoken on a number of issues which are on my website, from dangerous driving, dementia, apprentices to supporting small business owners.

Is there a lot of work behind getting the ‘public voice’ heard?

I work hard to hold surgeries, attend meetings and explain what I do as an MP with email updates. This also enables me to capture stories and concerns which I then raise in Parliament.

How often do you have to visit and take part in debates at the House Of Commons?

As am MP I am in Parliament daily and we get the occasional Friday with no votes so I am holding Wealden meetings and Saturday is also a working day for an MP.

Nus Ghani in Parliament

Nus Ghani in Parliament

Is your Mobile Surgery bus proving a good idea and how popular has it been?

Nus Ghani, Mobile Surgery Bus

Nus Ghani, Mobile Surgery Bus

The best part of my job is being out and about in Wealden and yes the villages and towns always respond positively.

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