Linkedin management Uckfield

Sounds familiar?

  • started a Linked account but didn’t set it up properly and haven’t used it since
  • don’t know how to use it
  • you don’t have time to make it work

Why LinkedIn should be part of your marketing

It’s highly likely that many of your colleagues and competitors are on Linkedin, and get business from it. So make it part of your marketing mix too. Even if you do have a Linkedin profile, chances are if you don’t get business or interest from it, it’s not optimised. This means you won’t get found either on Linkedin or on search engines. You’re missing out, big time! That’s where I can help you.

Benefits of a fully-optimised Linkedin profile

  • Effective for online networking – quickly connect with colleagues and potential clients
  • Get found easily online, no matter where your business is based, UK or overseas 
  • Potentially gain clients and sell more to current clients.
  • Easily search and message colleagues and potential clients directly. Look forward to receiving very quick replies, often within minutes if recipient is online
  • Find jobs and useful information

If you’re not getting many or any invitations to connect on Linkedin, you need an optimised profile and you need to engage in conversation regularly (at least 3 times per week). I’m here to help with all of this.

How I will help

  • I will either create a new Linkedin profile for you from scratch or
  • I will optimise your current Linkedin profile for you, so that you’re sending out the right message. Please note if your current Linkedin profile only consists of very basic information, a ‘from scratch’ package cost will apply.
  • I will give you one-one training on how to effectively manage your Linkedin.
  • If you don’t have time to manage your own Linkedin profile, I can do that for you too. 

Let’s Get Started!