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Grace Annand, Uckfield Yoga

Grace Annand tells Sue Edwards how Uckfield Yoga has grown over the years

When did you start doing yoga yourself?

I started doing yoga in 1998. I went to a class with a friend in Horam.

What made you want to become a teacher and when did you start?

In 2001 when my daughter arrived I wanted to do something different and by then I was really into yoga, so I looked into becoming a teacher. Teacher training requires being recognised by The British Wheel of Yoga – the standard and well-known qualification for teachers – however it required 3 years to qualify. I searched for an alternative and found a Diploma course that required just 6 months to complete, which I did and it gave me the necessary criteria that I needed.

I also applied and was granted a career loan which paid for the Diploma and allowed me to progress further.

So in 2004 I started teaching my first yoga class, once a week at the Civic Centre and now I do classes 6 days a week all in various venues in and around Uckfield.


What sort of people come to your classes?

My yoga classes are open to all ages and abilities, even those who are disabled. In fact two of my classes are purely chair yoga, one is at Headway, in Newick and the other is at The Priory, Cross in Hand. The students at both these classes do yoga seated in a chair and have a variety of restrictions, but they all do what they can and benefit from the stretching and breathing exercises as well as the relaxation and meditation.

There is also no age restriction at all in my classes – my oldest student is Pat, who is 91 and has just started yoga, proving that you are never too old to learn.

What could you do to expand?

I am looking at several ideas such as yoga workshops, yoga holidays, corporate in-house yoga (yoga in lunchtime for staff) and children’s yoga and am always open to other ideas. I am also looking for a yoga studio, preferably in Uckfield, so that I can have a base instead of having to travel.

If you would like to know more about yoga classes visit  to talk to Grace or call 01825 763591.

My thanks go to Grace for allowing me to interview her for this article.

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