How to Get Noticed – the Fundamentals!

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So, you have a good website, or perhaps you’re relying on referrals or ads in local publications? So why are you not getting enough enquiries? Most businesses have competition, so it’s your job to offer more and do it better. There can be a number of reasons it’s not working. Let’s start with the following:

Some important things to seriously consider:

  • Create a good website and/or Facebook page for your business. The more professional it looks the more likely you will get long visits and enquiries. 
  • Make sure your website is easily found online with multiple search results – this may take several weeks, depending on how quickly it is crawled.
  • Create a Google Places for Business account – this will automatically put your business on page one of Google, but will take up to 3 weeks to register and show online so do it now!
  • Register with local and free online directories – the more powerful links to your website the higher it will appear on search engines.
  • Add pages for any new products or services as soon as possible and promote on social media. 
  • Add a blog to your websiteadd to it regularly – once is a week is ideal and promote it on social media, linking back to it. 
  • Add Google Analytics to your web pages so you can track results – if any pages aren’t working add new and better content.
  • Start a Twitter and Linkedin account and interact at least 3 times per week.
  • Network offline too – sometimes networking offline works better, depending on the nature of your business. Personal service is very important in any business, so talk to your potential clients, but make it all about them, not about you. What problem can you solve?

All the above takes time and skills to do it right, but needs to be addressed. Outsourcing it, at least some of it, will get results, and relieve you of the burden and allow you to concentrate on what you’re good at. 

Article by Sue Edwards Marketing. If there is any aspect of your marketing that isn’t working, or you are looking for new ideas, give me a call on 01825 761890 or email  I have over 20 years’ experience in business and I help small businesses like yours to flourish.

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