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What compliance do small or start-up business have to be aware of and adhere to?

It really depends on the industry. We try to promote generic compliance advice which covers many industries, but some, ie: the construction industry, have the most complex and lengthy compliance rules to be aware of.


Our training sessions are mainly for SMEs and are focussed on putting measures in place to protect their business. Many issues are straightforward and common sense but business owners don’t tend to plan that far ahead or aren’t aware of compliance. We also offer a business planning service, to help avoid this.

During our business sessions we offer ways that are easy to implement with minimum requirements and aim to keep our clients informed.

What is the most common compliance issues that businesses ask about?

 The most common compliance issues are about consumer rights and Green Deal. The Consumer Rights Act, which came into force only recently on October 1st 2015, now includes compliance for digital downloads, goods and services.

We act as a sign post for Green Deal issues.

 What is the most important thing about compliance that SMEs need to know?

Many SME owners are not aware that it is their responsibility to be aware of and comply with regulations. They are there to protect both the business owner and the client and it’s surprising how many clients or consumers do understand their rights. Many business owners haven’t even thought of compliance until they trip up, running the risk of potentially losing their business.

 What is Green Deal and how does it affect business?

green deal

 Green Deal is the Government’s Energy Efficiency Policy which was launched in 2012 and started to roll out in 2013. It focusses on upgrading housing stock in the UK by improving energy efficiency, via products and services. The UK has one of the highest death rate from people dying from the cold inside their homes, so it is important that the public is made aware of Green Deal.

Green Deal is completely compliance driven.

Green Deal Finance is a ‘Pay as you Save’ incentive which can help clients obtain finance for an energy saving product or service. Lending may currently be on hold but is expected to resume sooner rather than later.

 What training do you offer small businesses relating to compliance?

Our training is mainly in-house and on a small group basis. It makes businesses aware of the basic, general rules and often leads to following up with more in-depth specialist training.

Next Training Courses

10th November at The Engine Room, St Leonards:

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20th November at The Engine Room, St Leonards:

Four ways to stay out of jail – covering data protection, financial crime, cooling off periods and ADR (alternative dispute resolution).

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Article written by Sue Edwards Marketing on behalf of Nicole Barrett of CBS Services

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