If you are consider starting your own business and becoming self-employed, there are naturally some big questions to ask.


I often talk to clients in our sister business Premium CVs – CV writing service,  about the option of starting a new business, rather than searching for a new job. If you already have a good network of contacts, and a variety of good skills including business acumen, it is a good grounding for starting a new business.


  • Flexibility and freedom means you can manage your own day, fitting your work around your family.
  • No expense or inconvenience of commuting.
  • Work on a wide variety of projects with different people and companies.
  • The sky can be the limit for your income, particularly if you take on employees yourself.
  • Answer only to yourself and your clients.
  • Take advantage of the value of being self-employed. You get more credit for your own work.
  • Take pride in your success.

When you have decided that going self-employed is REALLY what you want to do, then consider:

Top Tips For Your Business:

  • Do your research – find out who your competitors are to give you ideas of what services you can offer and do it better.
  • Create a USP – why should your clients come to you and not your competitors?
  • If you haven’t done so already, create a Linkedin profile and start to build up your connections. You will probably be surprised how many people you already know on Linkedin.
  • Network regularly – on and offline. Sometimes networking in person is better.
  • Start with a good website and make sure its optimised for SEO – if your potential clients can’t see it online, they won’t enquire.
  • Take your business cards with you everywhere.

Whether you decide to go self-employed or not, it is a good idea to have a good up-to-date CV anyway, then its there when you need it. Sometimes, even when you are self-employed you are asked for your CV.


Once you take the plunge, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Just think back on the days when you were employed and all the things you had to put up with. Now you are your own boss.

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