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Online marketing is great! Everything is at your fingertips and the costs associated with traditional flyers and magazine ads are dramatically reduced. However, it’s no less time consuming.

Here are three online marketing tools that will save you time and help you succeed online.

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Hootsuite is a social media management tool that brings all of your online profiles together into one place. Facebook, Twitter, Google+… they’re all there. You can control everything in your Hootsuite dashboard – from posting messages to monitoring your competitors’ activity.  Hootsuite allows you to be in constant contact with your customers and means you can instantly reply to any questions, no matter what social media profile you are contacted on.

Sharpspring Automation

Marketing Automation


Marketing automation systems have become a business no-brainer for those looking to succeed online. SharpSpring is a relatively new player in the marketing automation space and helps drive and nurture leads into sales.  The biggest benefit of marketing automation is that it is always on and is working, even when you’re not.  When a contact performs an action on your site, SharpSpring is doing its thing. Whether it’s tracking a prospect’s footsteps on your website, to sending them an email when they’ve filled out a form, it’s a great way of staying in constant contact with your prospects and nurturing them towards a sale.

Google Analytics


Google analytics is fantastic for monitoring what traffic is doing on your site. With a simple piece of code that sits on the pages of your site, it will tell you how many visitors you are attracting, where they have come from, where they are going when they get there and, most importantly, if they are converting into sales!

Not only are these useful tools, they are in fact the first things you should employ when setting up your digital marketing strategy. While they all need setting up and running properly, they will do the majority of the hard work for you once they’re in place.

Please contact us for more details and advice on how to set up a suite of marketing technology that will ensure your marketing in ‘always on’.

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