Website Copywriting Uckfield – ‘hitting the spot’


How Can you tell if your copy isn’t good enough?

Compelling website copywriting is the key to converting website visitors to clients.

So how will you know if your copy isn’t working? The quick answer is, you won’t receive enough or any enquiries. Using stats such as Google Analytics will tell you whether your website copy is effective. One way you can tell this is by looking at the length of time visitors spent on each page, as well as the bounce rate. The lower the bounce rate the better.

If you have too much information about different services on one page, it is confusing to search engines and will not encourage the visitor to buy. Ideally each produce or service should have its own page. The copy or writing on that page must have original and compelling copy, as well as a call to action, to encourage your potential clients to purchase.

When you’re running your own business, you won’t always ‘see’ where you might be going wrong with your website, so a fresh look by someone independent will help. That’s where I come in.

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