social media one to one training

No time for social media?

If you don’t use social media as part of your marketing yet, you’re missing out! Gain potential business, collaboration opportunities and lots more!

The Facts:

Twitter (2018) –  126 million active Twitter users every day. 86% of users get their news from Twitter. 60% of users expect an answer to their query within an hour.

Facebook (2018) – 2.32 billion active users (4th quarter of 2018). 

Benefits for your business:

An optimised Twitter or Facebook profile will appear on page one or two of Google. So, potential clients will find you easily online. Other benefits:

  • raise your business profile locally, nationally and internationally.
  • gain new business.
  • unlimited potential to increase your network of contacts: initiate, develop and nurture your connections.
  • find other experts to collaborate with and potentially grow your business.
  • quickly find expertise to solve problems.

What’s next?

Want to set up a Twitter and/or Facebook account? No problem! I will do that from scratch. For Facebook, you will need a personal profile to start with, before we can create a page and/or group for your business.

Already have basic accounts set up? That’s fine too. We just need to optimise them both and write some posts to go out at regular intervals. Some Facebook groups only allow posts on certain days, but I will take care of that.   

Whether it’s Twitter or Facebook, I will write some content and seek your approval. Once we have the post content I will manage and monitor the accounts, following up any enquiries, ready to pass on to you. I will also keep a track of the stats so we can easily see how its progressing. 


Let’s get started:

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