Not receiving many enquiries from your website?

Even if you have a good website, if it’s not on page one or two of search engines, chances are enquiries will be limited.

Common Misconceptions

If you already have a web designer, don’t automatically assume he/she will optimise your website for search engines. Some webs designers don’t think you need to. Wrong!

Even if your website is new, or you’ve recently updated it, sadly it doesn’t mean that business will automatically come to you. However, if your website achieves page one of search engines, you can look forward to 71 – 92% of traffic looking for your product or service. So, optimising your website pages and blog is a must!

So, how can I help?

If your website needs SEO optimisation, let me help you. SEO and content writing go hand-in-hand, so writing good effective content for each page will naturally improve your SEO.

You may have a budget for your marketing, and I can advise you what will work within your budget.

I will carry out a free initial assessment, then we will agree the work to suit your needs and budget. If that’s only one hour per week that’s absolutely fine. However, I would suggest that the sooner your copy and SEO is done, the quicker it will be higher on search engines, with a much higher potential for more enquiries.

Does your business rely on local clients?

If local clients are important to your business, you will need to optimise it for local, narrowing down the keywords to focus the search on that area to encourage targeted traffic.


It is important to regularly measure the results of campaigns to see what works and what doesn’t. Setting up and monitoring Google Analytics will be an integral part of my service.

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