SEO for WordPress

Achieve page one of Google


Why do I need SEO?

So you have a good website, but you’re not on page one of search engines.

It’s best not to assume that your web designer has optimised your website for search engines. Many web designers don’t do SEO, and in face some think you don’t actually need SEO. Well that’s not true. Just because you’ve got a lovely new website, doesn’t mean it has automatically had SEO applied. To encourage business to come to you, you must optimise your pages for search engines.

How Does SEO work?

Good SEO requires a multitude of tasks and must be ongoing to be effective. It’s not just about using the right keywords. Good, effective copywriting is also an essential factor, including regularly article writing, and we can help with those too. Your website needs multiple results, with pages and articles that will be of interest to your potential clients.

SEO - get noticed online

If your business is hard to find online you simply won’t get the enquiries you need.

Is your business local?

If local clients are important to your business, you will need to optimise it for local, narrowing down the keywords to focus the search on that area to encourage targeted traffic.


It is important to regularly measure the results of campaigns to see what works and what doesn’t. Setting up and monitoring Google Analytics will be an integral part of my service.

Cost to suit your budget

I can offer you a more affordable option that’s completely tailored to your needs. Some SEO is one-off, and will need to be done at the start, however some will be ongoing. If you only want one hour per week, that’s fine. Or if you want to do more, that’s fine too. You can also change your strategy mid-stream.

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