Networking, both online and in person, is a brilliant way to gain new clients. Having said that, it works better for some industries than others.


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Plan your networking. You may need to try some to see if they’re right for your business sector.

So, should you network in person, or online? The answer is both. Networking can be time-consuming, but the key to getting results is to do it regularly and take note of the following tips.

9 Top Tips for effective networking:

  • Dress smartly (or casual smart) – first impressions count. 
  • ALWAYS take enough business cards or leaflets.
  • Focus on talking to new people as well as catching up with those you know already.
  • Ask them about their business first ie: what do you do? How’s business?
  • Don’t make the conversation all about you and your business.
  • Don’t try to sell right at the start – it’s about business relationship building, not selling.
  • Ensure you get business cards, so you can follow up – 2 days later maximum. Don’t rely on people following up, even if they say “I will call you”.
  • Plan your networking. If it doesn’t work stop and try another group.
  • If your business is mostly local, keep networking local too.

Eventbrite is an excellent source of networking events as well as seminars and workshops. You can tailor it to your geographical area and event type.

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