Sue interviews Jane Loughton, owner of Bizzybirds, a new networking group for women in Uckfield


How did Bizzybirds start and what was the inspiration behind it?

I was inspired to create Bizzybirds when I found myself self employed for the first time! I had had a 28 year career previously! I wanted to find a way to meet ladies like myself. Ie: working for themselves, while running a home and caring for a family! It need to be convenient times, affordable, welcoming and a comfortable environment. It also needed to offer the support women would need and encouragement.

Why is it just focused on women?

Jane Loughton, Bizzybirds Networking, Uckfield


I decided just women as there are many others that except men and women. We wanted to be different. I also think having men in the group changes the dynamics and women wouldn’t be 100% themselves.

What feedback have you had from members so far?

We’ve had some great feedback so far. The members have grown in themselves as well as with their businesses. The ladies feel comfortable and say they look forward to the meetings!
How was the business model created?
The business model I created myself. I knew what I wanted to achieve in the meetings and the slowly built on that by spreading our wings to further towns.
Are you planning to create a franchise?
In the future there is a possibility of franchise although I’m reluctant to let any of it go as it’s my baby!
The near future will mean we continue to expand the group by bringing in more members and then considering new towns too. Ultimately the members are my priority as they need to be happy as that was my intention initially.
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