My Fone Fix

– the only Phone and tablet repair centre in Uckfield

Matt & Scott at My Fone Fix

Owner Matt & Scott at My Fone Fix

What is the most common repair?

iphone 5C, iphone 6 and ipads with broken screens, usually because they have been dropped! About 60% of repairs are for Apple, followed by Samsung and HTC.

We are also an official i-technician repair centre and get leads from there.

Do you advise on the best phone to buy?

Yes, but it is usually much cheaper to repair than buy so we recommend what the options are.

Are you a ‘recognised’ reseller of accessories?

We have a wide range of mobile phone accessories including covers and earplugs and we use the same suppliers that we’ve used for over 20 years and are relied upon.

Accessories at My Fone Fix

Accessories at My Fone Fix

How do you assess what the problem is?

We have over 20 year’s exerience in contract selling, so we assess and solve problems quickly and efficiently. Sometimes we use diagnostic software and 90 % of problems are related to hardware issues.

Is a new phone less likely to need repairing?

No. Phones are not built to last like they were years ago.

What makes you different?

We are the only mobile phone and tablet repair shop in Uckfield, we offer a very quick turnaround and a warranty with all repairs, together with good customer service.

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