Your Marketing Audit

Would you like a fresh pair of eyes to analyse your marketing and to see what is and what isn’t working?

When business is too slow, or you’re finding it hard to establish a new business, it can be hard to know where to start. My marketing audit is the perfect starting point. It also helps to see if I am the right Marketing Consultant for you.

How does your marketing audit work?

  • I will send you some questions about how you currently market your business, including who is your target market and how you measure your results.
  • When you return them, I will conduct some research to see how visible your business is online, then I will write a review of my findings. The audit will include your website, branding consistency, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, Linkedin, email etc.
  • We will arrange a marketing audit consultation, where we will discuss all your current marketing practices. We will then identify areas for improvement, and any additional marketing ideas that could be put into place.
  • You will take some time to consider our findings, discuss it with your team, then establish whether or not you would like my help.

Start your Marketing Audit today!