Time of My Life - WAAF memories

Time of My Life ebook.


Time of My Life – ebook (digital version of Memoirs of a WAAF).

Edited and self-published by her daughter (me!), Sue Edwards.

I am also delighted to be supporting the ‘Save Tangmere Tower’ project – see below.


Save Tangmere Tower project

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About the book

The true story of 18-year-old Daphne Dangerfield. Adapted from her original diaries and notes, written daily in secret for 7 years in total, while serving in the WAAF, during World War 2, from 1942 to 1947. This is the first edition, focused on 1942, during her first year in the WAAF, from her RTO training in Cranwell to her service in Bradwell, Essex.

Such diaries are rare – written in secret, as it was forbidden to keep any record of activity in the forces.

She records the good times, with her active social life at dances, trips to The Green Man and The Cricketers. The many boyfriends she went out with, met amongst the regular arrivals of new squadrons and she regularly went to ENSA events. She also constantly battled against the ‘rules and regulations’ – not good at doing as she was told!
There were also many ups and downs associated with her shift work – day and night – with the inevitable upsetting and depressing times when friends and comrades were killed in action. Because of the unsociable nature of her work, she was also given special permission to visit home on a regular basis.


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