Content Marketing

Content Marketing – ‘hitting the spot’

How will you know if your message isn’t good enough?

Compelling, effective and concise content or copywriting is the key to converting website visitors to clients. So how will you know if your marketing message isn’t working? The quick answer is, you won’t receive any, or maybe very few enquiries.

So, what can you do about it?

Stats monitoring such as Google Analytics, is an essential tool that monitors many things, including website visits and how long visitors stay on each page. This is a good judge of whether the page copy is working.

There are a number of things within creating copy that will help. Ask me for help and we will work together to create a web page or document that you’re happy, and that will create the desired effect. Also, not only will your new copy encourage interest, but it will help to substantially raise your business profile by achieving page of Google searches for your service or products.

If you’re a business owner, but marketing is not your speciality, particularly in the early years, it’s not always easy to see where you’re going wrong. So, a fresh perspective by someone like me, will shine a new light on it and help to hone your message.

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