An Invitation to Guest bloggers

Article writing Uckfield

My aim is to publish regular articles of interest to small business. I would also like to extend this invitation to guest bloggers.

If you have information that would be of interest or help to other small businesses, I would be keen to talk to you. It must be original work and not already published somewhere online. Otherwise Google penalise you.


Copywriting Uckfield

Writing not for you?

If you would like to publish an article but writing isn’t your ‘thing’, ask me and I will interview you and write it for you. The service is free for your first article.

Articles generally receive hundreds of visits within the first few days of publishing, as not only are they on my blog but I promote them via Twitter and Facebook too.

Article by Sue Edwards, SJE Marketing

 If you would like me to write an article about your business, or you would like to be a guest blogger, please contact or call 01825 761890 

Sue Edwards
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