3D CAD Training

3 D CAD Training, Brighton and Bexhill

Delivered by Weald Technology

Who are Weald Technology?

Weald Technology is a social enterprise and are multi-award winning designers of record-breaking motorbikes.


Weald Technology deliver training and workshops in:

  • engineering and design
  • 3D CAD (computer aided design)
  • and 3D printing
  • and various others.

Who are they for?

Training courses are suitable for adults as well as students from key stage one upwards and teachers at primary and secondary schools.

Training courses for adults provide the opportunity to learn valuable skills, for a wide range of purposes eg: car and bike enthusiasts, model makers, hobbies etc.

Training courses for students provide valuable STEM skills which form part of the curriculum.

Courses for teachers take place in-house and can be booked for a whole day or sessions over several weeks.

Courses are either held in various locations in Sussex, or we will come to your school. Please ask for details.

3D printing

Can be done for virtually any project. Items for printing can be done quickly and at very low cost. If you need to test an idea out, this can be done cheaply on a 3d printer, which will help to establish whether the project will work or not.

Book your course or

As for more information today

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