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Whether you have a basic profile but don’t do anything with it yet, or you don’t know how, let me help you.

The facts 2016: 

  • Twitter has 284 million users per month, and 500 million tweets per day
  • 80% of Twitters active users are via mobile
  • 77% are outside USA
  • Twitter covers over 35 languages

Use it properly and regularly and you will raise your profile. I will get you started on Twitter and will give you ongoing support too if you need it.

How Twitter works :

  • Get noticed – many people, some I haven’t met before, said they’ve seen my tweets, and I get business from it.
  • I have over 900 followers (tweeters following me).
  • My tweets have maximum impact by scheduling them (ie: when most of your followers are on Twitter too).
  • I use #hashtags, particularly for forums such as #Sussexhour for ‘business chat’, instantly engaging with potential clients and business, resulting in instant ‘retweets’, expanding your message,  often resulting in very quick or immediate enquiries for business.

Benefits for your business:

  • Substantially increase your network of contacts: initiate, develop and nurture your connections.
  • Gain new business.
  • Find others to collaborate with and potentially grow your business – sending and receiving direct messages instantly.
  • Find expertise to solve problems, or offer your expertise to others.
  • Save time and money – let me manage your Twitter so you can concentrate on what you’re good at.
  • Flexibility and very competitive rates

Twitter Courses to suit you.

Twitter Management available too. 

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