Twitter & Facebook Management

Facebook and Twitter management Uckfield

Social media should be an integral part of any business. If you or one of your staff isn’t managing it you are missing out!

If you don’t know enough about Facebook or Twitter, it’s easier not to bother. However, you will be missing out on the benefits of keeping on top of social media.

Outsource it to me!

  • Grow your network of contacts
  • Find others to collaborate with that you may not have found through other media.
  • Find solutions to your problems or be signposted to someone who can help.
  • Connect with potential clients.
  • Send direct messages to those who are following you. If using Facebook, you can use instant messenger or use a free video call.

If you don’t yet have a social media account I will create one for you.

If you prefer to learn how to use Twitter, see my Twitter training page.

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