Does Linkedin give you business?

Linkedin Management or Training to suit you

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You have a profile but don’t use it?

You don’t have time to use it?

Sounds familiar? You’re missing out on potential business and collaboration opportunities !

Linkedin is one of the best and largest online networking platforms.

 Over 300 million users worldwide

Used properly it will raise your business profile and can lead to more business. Let me help you with Linkedin management – if you need me to manage it for you – or Linkedin training  to show you how.  

Benefits for your business:

A good profile will show up on page one or two of Google, allowing potential clients to find you easily online. Many internet users will not bother to search further than the first two pages, so if you’re not there you will miss out! Other benefits:

  • raise your business profile locally, nationally and internationally.
  • gain new business.
  • unlimited potential to increase your network of contacts: initiate, develop and nurture your connections.
  • find other experts to collaborate with and potentially grow your business.
  • find expertise to solve problems.

Linkedin Management

Many business owners we speak to don’t use their account enough if at all, leading to missed opportunities and potential business. Why let that happen when I can do it for you? Outsource it to me and I will manage your account to your timescale (applies to UK business only).

Linkedin Training

If you would to learn how instead, ask me about my one to one training. I will show you all you need to know to make it work for you. Training sessions are one hour long and can be conducted at my office or yours if you are based in or near Uckfield. It can also be done if you live further afield if you use Skype.  

Let’s get started today:

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