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SJE Marketing and my Facebook group page are popular services and resources for small businesses in Uckfield and further afield.

I originally set a target for the number of Facebook group members that I wanted to achieve at the start, and I am delighted that I have achieved it early!

Over the years I have built up a substantial network of contacts, resulting in a very strong following on social media and Linkedin. I am inviting all my contacts to have a listing in the Directory, and aim to build up a comprehensive list, which will be very useful resources for small businesses. After all we need to ‘support local’!

Take Advantage!

I will be offering free listings for everyone during their first year in the Directory. Listings thereafter will start at £30 per year.

What Do You Get?

  • Your logo
  • A link to your website or Facebook page
  • A 2 lines description about your company
  • Your contact details
  • All new listings will be promoted via social media

If you are interested please email me or message me on our Facebook group page



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