Sue Edwards Marketing Consultant

My Background:

I started my business in 1995, aiming to continue using my skills alongside bringing up our family. Then my husband was made redundant, and decided to start his own business too. So we both learnt how to set up, build and run a business and just as important, we learnt how to grow our contacts and secure new clients. Since then we have both attended numerous networking events, where I found that there was – and still is – a demand for marketing and social media.

Now, in 2017, both our businesses have evolved considerably. Experience has taught us how hard it can be to get your name out there, raise your profile and increase business. So now we are offering marketing and social media to our clients as we know how important it is to keep it going, even when business is good.

My clients:

I have a varied portfolio of clients from a wide range of industries, some sole traders, others small businesses wanting to expand further. Some of them want to outsource their work to me and some prefer to learn how, so one-to-one training is very popular.

My skills:

Many of my clients come to me because I have built up an enviable skill set over the years, so I can offer a wide range of services. Some female business owners prefer to deal with a woman and many prefer to ‘support local’, which I do myself.

My attributes:

  • Professional, friendly, telephone manner – 99% purchase a service before phone call ends
  • Ideas orientated
  • Problem solving
  • Very resourceful, with excellent broad network of contacts – if I can’t I will know someone who can
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Easy going and easy to get along with
  • Always happy to help
  • Putting clients at easy, particularly during training.

I enjoy helping others, seeing my clients’ businesses grow, and making a real difference.

I am also a long-standing volunteer and previously a Trustee for a local charity and have done various other volunteering roles over the years.

I am co-author of Memoirs of a WAAF & Time of My Life (Kindle version). A true story about Daphne Dangerfield’s – my Mum – time in the WAAF. Sadly my dear Mum passed away in May 2017, so this book and all the memories of creating it are naturally precious to me. The book sold out, but luckily I kept a signed copy. It still brings a big lump to my throat and tears to my eyes when I remember.

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