Sue Edwards

Sue Edwards, Uckfield

My Background:

I originally started my business in 1995, just after our daughter was born. In those days I was doing some part-time admin work for several local clients.

When my husband became self-employed too, we both began to learn how to build and run a business.

Now, over 20 years later, my business has evolved into offering marketing and social media support and training to small local businesses.

Our experience has taught us how hard it can be to get your name out there and raise your profile. We naturally try to solve problems ourselves, however many small business owners don’t have the skills or the time that is required to make marketing and social media work.

My Clients:

I have a varied portfolio of clients for example: a curtain designer, business consultants, telecoms consultant, Uckfield Chamber of Commerce, local gardener, charities, a local lettings agency, as well as one-off and ongoing jobs for members of the public.

My skills:

I like to be busy, I enjoy variety, and am lucky that I have been able to learn a wide variety of skills.

  • Creating effective marketing copy
  • One to one training for wide variety of age groups
  • Constant Contact and Mailchimp newsletters
  • Understanding face-to-face consultant (both for CV writing service and business)
  • Social media ie: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook
  • Professional, friendly, telephone manner
  • Effective phone enquiry conversions – 99% purchase a service before phone call ends
  • Ideas orientated
  • Problem solving
  • Very resourceful, with excellent broad network of contacts – if I can’t I will know someone who can
  • Internet research for products and services – saved businesses over £500 (product saving).
  • Competitor research

I enjoy helping others and making a difference. I am a volunteer for a local charity and have done various other volunteering roles over the years. I am co-author of Memoirs of a WAAF & Time of My Life (Kindle version).


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